Bringing experts, icons and amazing leaders together in 2 sessions, on 1 virtual stage, to enlighten and empower youth

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Summit Details

Meet our Speakers

Easy Ways to Sound like a Speaking Pro and Speaking from the Heart: Value-Centered Communication

Session 1 - Tuesday, August 4th, 11AM
Session 2 - Monday, August 10th, 12PM

She is founder of Voices That Get Heard LLC Voice Studio in Redmond Washington. Alexis is the creator of Vocal Mastery Training©, an interactive seminar utilizing proven techniques to give you a more powerful presence. Her voice students have won national singing competitions. Share your unique voice.

Alexis Lara O'Donahue

Unlocking Your Brain's Potential

Session 2 - Monday, August 10th, 1PM
A clinical neuroscientist known as The Parent Whisperer. Dr. L. is an internationally published best-selling author, speaker and coach. In private practice he treated kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and twice awarded one of America’s Top Doctors. He hosts the 'Role Model Maker', encouraging healthy development, and growing relationships.

Dr. Ali Lankerani

Ready to Go Back to School in a COVID-19 World?

Session 1 - Thursday, August 6th, 12PM
Session 2 - Wednesday, August 12th, 10AM
A Biologist and Holistic Nutritionist, who has taught at the University level for over 25 years. Alicia is dedicated to educating and empowering families to learn and apply a simple, safe, and sustainable holistic lifestyle that will create happy and healthier families for life.

Alicia Mazari-Andersen, PhD

Reclaim Your Worth

Session 1 - Monday, August 3rd, 11AM
Session 2 - Wednesday, August 12th, 9AM

A single mom on welfare, to business owner, to international best-selling author. Alison believes that everything you do is a quest to connect with your worthiness, which is the foundation upon which everything else is built. When you connect with your worth in a positive way, you are truly empowered.

Alison Donaghey

7 Keys to Confident Speaking - My Journey from Stutterer to Champion Speaker and If You Want to Win You Have to Fail Like a Champion

Session 1 - Friday, August 7th, 10AM
Session 2 - Friday, August 14th, 10AM
A speaker, author, hypnotherapist, and certified Qigong instructor. Growing up in Russia, Anna stuttered so severely, she couldn't say her own name. Today, she is a speaking champion, and author of Letting Go of the Dragon, 7 Keys to Effortless Speech, wherein she shares her journey to confidence.

Dr. Anna Margolina, PhD

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Session 1 - Thursday, August 6th, 3PM
An entrepreneurial personal trainer, champion bodybuilder, and speech champ. Coaching people to better health and stronger bodies is part of Benny’s motivational and inspiring character. He learned to be strong and confident in the United States Navy, which he describes as a life-saving decision to serve.

Benny Mobley

From Special Ed to Special Guest

Session 2 - Tuesday, August 11th, 11AM
The CEO and founder of Brad Butler II & Associates.
Brad is an award-winning inspirational speaker, student advocate, and success coach. He fought to overcome adversities such as parental substance abuse and academic challenges. He found solace in the sport of football, gaining muscle, stamina, and character, which inspired success.

Brad Butler II

Using Emotional Intelligence to Help Children Develop Skills To Be Happy

Session 1 - Tuesday, August 4th, 12PM
An international emotional intelligence trainer. Brenda is founder of YouEQ Global, which makes brain training games for children, parents, and leaders. By combining game dynamics, brain science, and social learning, YouEQ’s games are the fastest way to train brains for emotional intelligence and social emotional maturity.

Brenda Jacobson

How to Master Your Talk

Session 1 - Friday, August 7th, 12PM
The founder of MasterTalk, a YouTube channel he started to help the world master the art of public speaking and communication. Brenden coaches purpose driven entrepreneurs on how to master their message and share their ideas with the world. He will help you master your message as well.

Brenden Kumarasamy

The 5C's of Crafting A Powerful Presentation

Session 1 - Wednesday, August 5th, 9AM
Identified as a “curator of collaboration”. Brian specializes in empowering speakers to create clarity, and cultivate relationships needed to reach an audience. His passion led him to create Black Speakers Network (BSN), which has an active network of more than 10,000 speakers committed to inspiring the next generation.

Brian Olds

How to Cultivate Healthy Self-Esteem

Session 2 - Wednesday, August 12th, 3PM
A vibrant, pulsating, and charismatic minister, motivational speaker, spiritual mentor, and marketing consultant. Carenda is Editor-in-Chief of Far Above Rubies Magazine, author of three books namely, Soul of a Poet, The Wait to Success (Contributing Author), and Perfect Patty Messed Up Devotional. She is a highly sought after Change Agent.

Carenda Deonne

Rock it Like a TED Talk

Session 2 - Wednesday, August 12th, 11AM
International speaker, marketing expert and TED Talk trainer who wrote The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: 9 ½ Ways to Get People to Love You.

Cathey created How to Rock a TED Talk program; and is the organizer for TEDxPortland (one of the largest TEDx events world) and TEDx in Nigeria.

Cathey Armillas

Build Resilience Now: The Key to College Success

Session 1 - Wednesday, August 5th, 11AM
A College Success Coach helping students master higher learning. Dale offers clients specific strategies to empower their academic and social experience beginning in the student’s freshman year. Her signature program, College Freshman Success Formula, helps students control their ability to have a positive college experience.

Dale Troy

3 Keys to Great Storytelling

Session 1 - Tuesday, August 4th, 1PM
A storyteller who’s taught the art and craft of storytelling for 25 years. Debby hosts a weekly radio show: Story U Talk Radio. YOU have a story brewing inside you, and she knows the techniques that will give you confidence to start telling it powerfully on any stage.

Debby Handrich

Be Bold. Be Brave.

Session 2 - Monday, August 10th, 9AM
A creative whirlwind, motivator and self-worth ambassador. Deborah is the Founder of the Self-worth Initiative, whose mission is to foster self-worth for children through books, interactive musicals and innovative programs. She blends her imagination with an extensive entertainment and marketing background to create fresh, new ideas.

Deborah Weed

Your High School Counselor Has It All Wrong and College Admissions: What Colleges Aren't Telling You

Session 1 - Monday, August 3rd, 9AM
Session 2 - Monday, August 10th, 11AM
An international best selling author, TedX speaker, and creator of Cracking the Code to Free College. Denise helps teens to graduate from college debt free. Her mission is to inspire, educate, and equip parents to take an active role supporting their children to live a life of financial freedom.

Denise Thomas

The Art and Storytelling of a Children's Book

Session 1 - Wednesday, August 5th, 12PM
Publisher of KaZoom Kids Books, an interactive, multicultural children’s digital publishing company. Donna Renee publishes multicultural, children's ebooks for ages 3 to 8. She is the author of the children’s books: Music In The Family, Kason’s Kite and Mystery at Zig Zag Zoo.

Donna Renee Beasley

Becoming The Change

Session 2 - Wednesday, August 12th, 2PM
Director of SKY Schools, an initiative of the International Association for Human Values (IAHV). Elan Gepner-Dales oversees the sustainable, scale-able program taught in 204 schools in 25 states across the US. He has delivered youth leadership programs at Wharton Business School, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and UCLA.

Elan Gepner-Dales

COURAGE: Your Story, Your Decision, Your Impact

Session 1 - Friday, August 7th, 9AM
A CEO of multiple dental practices, and private coach to professionals. As an international speaker, Dr. Letran has been on TEDx, featured on Dental Town, Global Woman, and See Beyond magazines, and is the Founder of Exceptional Leverage Inc., ACTION To WIN seminars. Dr. Letran is author of several books.

Dr. Emily Letran

Stop Fearing the Dark, that’s Where the Light Lives

Session 2 - Thursday, August 13th, 11AM
The author of Shattered Soul and a trauma coach. Essi had a traumatic childhood as a boy soldier in the Revolutionary Guard. His life is fascinating and compelling; dark and turbulent. His journey as a transformational mentor has included treatment, detox, and as a speaker at TEDxAlief this September.

Essi Bagheri

Beyond Ourselves

Session 1 - Friday, August 7th, 3PM
Session 2 - Friday, August 14th, 3PM

She is described by her students as a "Powerhouse Role Model” who makes being genuine the most powerful thing of all. Harriet is the coauthor of bestselling book, The Secrets to Living A Fantastic Life, focusing on 13 Golden Pearls - a necklace of self-empowerment to enhance your life.

Harriet Tinka

Cultivate Confidence

Session 1 - Thursday, August 6th, 1PM
Host and Podcast Coach, Kevin Palmieri started podcasting out of curiosity. Why do people think and act the way they do? Would thinking differently change action?
Co-Host and Peak Performance Coach, Alan Lazaros nearly died in a car accident. He questioned everything. Have I lived true to myself? Have I fought for what I believe in?
Kevin and Alan are changing the world together.

Hyper Conscious Podcast

How To Boldly Start Conversations That Save Lives

Session 1 - Thursday, August 6th, 10AM
Session 2 - Monday, August 10th, 10AM
A mission-driven mentor, she has created the Advocate's Training Program for mission-driven entrepreneurs, parents, and teachers, to become better advocates. She co-founded the Teen Suicide Prevention Society and the Make It A Great Day Movement. Jackie’s mission: to make teen suicide a thing of the past.

Jackie Simmons

STEP UP - Increasing Self-Worth and Self-Confidence

Session 1 - Monday, August 3rd, 1PM
A recognized authority on image, self-worth and self-confidence. Whether you are 12 or 20, success comes from understanding the value of first impressions and lasting impressions. Janice helps clients tap into the top 3 body language tools that communicate confidence in less than a second. 

Janice Hurley

Be Like a Rhinoceros and What Are Your Superhero Qualities?

Session 1 - Wednesday, August 5th, 3PM
Session 2 - Friday, August 14th, 2PM
An author and empowerment and success coach specializing in children, Jean helps children learn tools and techniques they can use at any age to live a life by choice, not default.  She is a certified Dream Builder life coach. Her teachings include helping students discover their unique gifts and talents.

Jean Virnig

Why Not You?

Session 1 - Friday, August 7th, 1PM
Session 2 - Thursday, August 13th, 12PM
He overcame severe stage fright and introversion to become a dynamic and charismatic entertainer and speaker. Jim is one of a handful of Hypnotists or Hypnotherapists to have spoken on a TED or TEDx stage. He is an author of plays, comedy routines, articles, and his book, Navigating Success.

Jim Kellner

The Journey

Session 2 - Tuesday, August 11th, 3PM
Holder of 24 state, national and international public speaking awards including six times finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking, and the 2011 World Champion of Public Speaking. Jock is a professional master of ceremonies, corporate impersonator, and keynote speaker. His book: The Journey, tells of his speaking career.

Jock Elliott

Speak to Reach

Session 1 - Thursday, August 6th, 2PM
A retired educator, author, TEDx speaker, and an Accredited Speaker. Joe worked with “At-Risk” youth, learning first-hand that children are the most misunderstood human beings on earth. He will help you find your voice by being BRAVE, being WOW, and being YOU. His book is Speak to Reach.

Joe Grondin

How To Tap Into Your Power (Even If You're A Little Scared)

Session 2 - Wednesday, August 12th, 1PM
A life energy coach and creator of The Energized Life Blueprint. Juan’s formula guides youth, parents, and entrepreneurs out of the exhaustion cycle while unlocking more energy and health in four simple steps. His programs work regardless of how hectic your schedule is. He is president of Thrive212, Inc.

Juan Miolan

Using PLAY for Unity

Session 2 - Monday, August 10th, 2PM
An Arizona native, actor/improviser for 35+ years & Wellness Practitioner since 2007. Julie is an avid student of life with lots of letters and certificates in activities she loves! Founder of Next Level Improv using Improv to empower individuals and companies to create their highest & best reality!

Julie Cotton

Playing with Emotional Intelligence

Session 1 - Thursday, August 6th, 11AM
A co-founder of the Make It A Great Day Movement. Surprised by the spike of teen suicide attempts during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Katie sees evidence of the destructive effects of isolation on children. To help family members express and discuss their feelings, Katie will demonstrate fun and educational EQ games.

Katie Miller

Sometimes You Win - Sometimes You Learn

Session 1 - Friday, August 7th, 2PM
Session 2 - Friday, August 14th, 1PM
The Founder of KMC Empowerment, LLC. Kevin provides coaching, empowering speeches, and training to make individuals successful. He served in the US military and is a disabled veteran. He has received the BIG Region XI President Leadership Award and the Virginia Professional Leadership Award.

Kevin M. Coleman

What did the real princess Tiana, voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and creator of Arial have in common? A DREAM they made come true and YOU can too!

Session 1 - Wednesday, August 5th, 2PM
Bestselling author of the Positively Disney book series and host of the live weekly Positively Disney show.  Kimberley is an educator, entrepreneur, speaker, world traveler, and lover of all things Disney. Originally from Canada, she resides in the Seattle, WA. area with her husband, three children and various critters.

Kimberley Bouchard

Don'ts and Do's of Crafting a Winning Speech

Session 1 - Monday, August 3rd, 3PM
Has spent 26 years studying and teaching public speaking and leadership skills. In 2003, Kyle beat out over 200,000 other competitive speakers to win a place in the World Championship of Public Speaking, making him the third best speaker in the world.

Kyle Hall

Getting Through These Crazy Times

Session 2 - Tuesday, August 11th, 1PM
Sat atop 14,000 ft. peaks, rafted the roughest whitewater rivers, sailed transatlantic from the Caribbean to Norway, piloted his aircraft hundreds of hours from Northern Michigan to Key West Florida, dived under frozen lakes, and hitchhiked through Europe. Lance is also a World Champion of Public Speaking.

Lance Miller

Win With What You Have

Session 2 - Thursday, August 13th, 1PM
He retired from law enforcement and turned youth
advocate. Leonard is CEO of Webbolutionary Motivation, LLC. As a consultant he provides education designed to end the school to prison pipeline. He helps youth understand their behavioral triggers, blind spots, and strengths which lead to high performance.

Leonard Webb

Mapping Out a Life of Success, NOW

Session 2 - Monday, August 10th, 3PM 
An award-winning author and speaker helping students go after their DREAM career. Linnita is a high-energy edutainer who provides content-packed programs for students. She has been awarded: Excellence in Education; Youth Speaker of the Year; 40 Under 40 in Education; and Education Book of the Year.

Linnita Hosten

Mindfulness - Attention and the Now

Session 1 - Monday, August 3rd, 2PM
A Certified Professional Life Coach and teacher/mentor who thrives on helping others connect with their True Self and Higher Purpose. Lisa helps clients realize their potential; and manifest their goals and dreams. Besides working with clients one-on-one, she also teaches groups about meditation, mindfulness and living an intuitive life.

Lisa Mueller

Three ways to Survive Lock down, Limitations and the New Norm

Session 1 - Thursday, August 6th, 9AM
Session 2 - Tuesday, August 11th, 9AM

A transformational expert described as strong, inspiring, and powerful. Lornette is an entrepreneur, speaker, successful athlete, coach, and philanthropist. She has learned to embrace suffering and leverage pain to toughen her mind. She is the author of Unstoppable available fall 2020.

Lornette Daye

Instagram: @watchthis17

Outside the Box

Session 2 - Tuesday, August 11th, 12PM
An inspirational speaker with a mission to encourage, inspire, and uplift people of all ages. Michael feels joy when something he says helps someone endure their struggles. “Overcome procrastination and fear; break the limitations of your mind, and progress past where you are now every single day.”

Michael Wimberly

Traveling Through Time in a Unicorn-Powered Time Machine (The Unusual Secret to Discovering Your Best Self)

Session 2 - Thursday, August 13th, 2PM
He is the founder of Time Travel Journeys, a one-of-a-kind course that guides participants on an exploration of their past and future in order to discover their best self. Mike is on a mission to help tweens and teens turn self-doubt into self-love.

Mike Iskandar

From Desire To Mission

Session 1 - Tuesday, August 4th, 9AM 
A security engineer who in 2015 became The World Champion of Public Speaking. Mohammed has given 5 TEDx Talks, and spoken in over 35 countries. He is a former stand-up comedian, known for mixing motivation with humor. His book: The Power of Words, the Journey of a Stuttering Champion.

Mohammed Qahtani

The Whole Voice

Session 1 - Wednesday, August 5th, 1PM
Session 2 - Friday, August 14th, 12PM
Author of three Amazon best-selling books on singing, host of Every Sing podcast, leader in the Voice and Speech Trainers Association, and vocologist. Nancy knows voices from every angle - physiology, acoustics, singing performance, emotional connections, and speaking with impact. She teaches you to make a difference through your voice.

Nancy Bos

ABC's of Common Bio Blunders, and How to Stand Out and Show Up Like a Winner Instead

Session 1 - Tuesday, August 4th, 2PM
Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Bye-Bye Boring Bio. Nancy has grown a multiple six-figure business guiding speakers, experts, and authors to get known and get paid. Her book serves those who need to speak on virtual platforms to raise their voices and make their best impact.

Nancy Juetten

How to Find your VOICE and Use it for Good on Social Media

Session 2 - Friday, August 14th, 11AM
Founder and CEO of Connect4Excellence, LLC, dedicated to connecting individuals to their mission, their voice, and a bigger audience on social media. Natalie is an Audiologist and host of Connecting a Better World podcast helping people listen, learn, and spark ways to make this world a better place.

Dr. Natalie Phillips

Understanding Anxiety and Tools to Overcome it

Session 2 - Thursday, August 13th, 9AM
A Board-Certified Hypnotist. Paulette has discovered the power of hypnosis and the ways it’s used to create emotional and physical change for anyone who does the work. She specializes in anxiety, fear and grief using the 5PATH Hypnosis protocol. Real change is possible for you, even in a pandemic.

Paulette Deckers

AmaZing: How Generation Z Can Inspire Change and BRAND U: Building your Personal Brand for Good

Session 1 - Friday, August 7th, 11AM
Session 2 - Friday, August 14th, 9AM

An award-winning mentor, speaker, and author of Be EmPOWERed: How to Live Above & Beyond Life’s Drama. Rasheda is the founder and chief empowering officer for Empowered Flower Girl. She holds a B.A. in journalism and has extensive training in youth development, community relations and interpersonal communication.

Rasheda Kamaria Williams

How to Shine Like the Star You Are: 5 Virtual Image Tips for Superstar Communicators

Session 1 - Tuesday, August 4th, 3PM
A speaker, trainer, and entertainer known for her humorous, zany, tech-savvy style. In her Master Your Virtual Image workshops, Rebecca helps audiences enhance and refine their virtual image by applying 5 tried and true Hollywood film-making techniques. She has refined the online appearance of speakers around the globe.

Rebecca Pierce Murray

Walk your Win Anyway Life

Session 1 - Monday, August 3rd, 12PM
Humorous/inspirational speaker, publisher, speaking coach, husband, father, and #WinAnyway guy. Rich brings his audiences to both tears and laughter – sharing his experiences as a father of 6, and an elective amputee. His competitive streak is evident in his professional and personal life – being forever documented in SPEAK: The Movie.

Rich Hopkins

A Beautiful Mind

Session 1 - Monday, August 3rd, 10AM
Roxy came to the US as a Vietnamese refugee. Despite barely speaking English, she earned a BS in Computer Science and founded a technology consulting firm. Currently she leads a large nonprofit, is Sr. Director of Engineering at F5 Networks, and has leapt over every boundary in her way.

Roxy Stimpson

Discover your Infinite Possibilities through Resilience and a Growth Mindset

Session 2 - Thursday, August 13th, 3PM
The CEO of As Many Minds and the founder and chairperson of International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum (IYLIF). Sindu is a bestselling author, speaker, edupreneur, and coach. She helps people, organizations, and institutions to discover their infinite possibilities by developing growth mindset, personal mastery and innovation potential.

Sindu Sreebhaven

Worst and Best Time

Session 2 - Tuesday, August 11th, 2PM
He grew up very poor under the worst conditions. At age 11, Solomon Cutler decided to design his life differently. The PACE Program was birthed from Solomon’s experiences, determination, and desire to help people create the best version of themselves. A veteran of US Marine Corps and a serial entrepreneur.

Solomon Cutler

Why It's Your Time to Speak and Shine!

Session 2 - Wednesday, August 12th, 12PM
An award-winning professional speaker, educator, and communications consultant. Dr. Sunny is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell team. She is founder of Chance Network, a non-profit venture which empowers young people and women through personal and professional development.

Sunny Fridge, PhD

Financial Literacy Not Taught In School

Session 2 - Tuesday, August 11th, 10AM
Former adventurer, turned real estate entrepreneur, turned whistle blower, turned coach, and private investor. Todd is making a positive impact in social justice. You will learn the important basics of street-smart financial literacy that everyone should know but is not taught in school. You'll find out why.

Todd Wetzelberger

How to Craft a Memorable Presentation

Session 1 - Tuesday, August 4th, 10AM
The author of Six Keys to Life Mastery: Unlocking Life Skills for Successful Living and host of Life Mastery Radio with Todd and Jackie, a live talk show which empowers listeners to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Todd has spent years speaking about happiness, success, and well-being.

Todd Cudaback

WHAT's Your Sign?

Session 1 - Wednesday, August 5th, 10AM
Session 2 - Thursday, August 13th, 10AM
A Self-Worth Specialist, author of What Is Enough, & founder of iamthepossible® built on the philosophy that “I and my possibilities are one and the same; everything I hope to be tomorrow I already am today”. Treveal has been captivating audiences for over 19 years with thought-provoking and applicable messages.

Treveal C.W. Lynch

Meet our Sponsor

The Speak Up Summit is sponsored by:
USDOT's Women & Girls in Transportation Initiative

To accomplish the following goals:

1. Create opportunities
2. Educate WITI participants about STEM opportunities
3. Establish partnerships
4. Attract and Retain female WITI participants in transportation fields
5. Identify barriers to economic dependence

Many thanks to WITI for sponsoring the summit!

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